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About Us

Coidan Graphite Products is segregated into two business units the Chemical Process Division and the High Temperature Division:

Chemical Process Division

The Chemical Process Division concentrates on the supply of corrosion resistant process equipment manufactured from exotic metals such as Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium, Hastelloy and other high Nickel alloys. This equipment is designed and manufactured by Titan Metal Fabricators Inc. Should the exotic metals not provide the corrosion resistant solution you require then we can also supply graphite heat exchangers, columns and spares as agents for Wilk Graphite.
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Heat Exchangers


High Temperature Division

The High Temperature Division specializes in all manner of Carbon and Graphite Products which by the very nature of the material are generally used at elevated temperatures. To compliment the wide selection of vacuum furnace spare parts we manufacture, we also represent Seco Warwick as agents for their comprehensive range of vacuum furnaces. Within our range of graphite electrodes (furnace electrodes, gouging rods, and spark erosion electrodes) we market the Ibiden range of superior EDM graphite grades.
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Graphite Parts


EDM Electrodes

The nature of the work undertaken by the companies two divisions, places particular emphasis on experience, capability, reliability and quality.

The prime objectives of the Coidan Graphite Products Ltd management team are to provide products, equipment and services in a manner which meets contractual and regulatory requirements, the 
expectations of our customers and to continually improve this equipment and service through customer feedback.

Coidan Graphite Products highly qualified and motivated staff are here to serve you – everyone involved has extensive graphite and furnace experience, and understands how important service, quality and price are to you the customer – we are committed to serving your needs as you would wish to be served. 

We consider ourselves a “centre of excellence” in the graphite field and aim 
to provide the optimum graphite based solution. Our ultimate aim is to become your first port of call whenever you have a Carbon or Graphite need (or 
problem to be solved) – we cannot guarantee to have all the answers but with the best technical backup in the business we will know someone who does!



To shape the long-term success of COIDAN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS, we all need to share the same vision, and to act daily according to our values and guiding principles:


We will develop together a global manufacturing company, innovative, profitable, by offering our customers a full range of top quality carbon and graphite based products and services.


Customer First: Customers are at the source of everything: our aim is to support the success of our customers offering them innovative and competitive products and services that will help them make the difference in their own markets.

People: Our people, at every level, without any distinction of origin or culture, all of them free in their engagement towards the company, are our most valuable asset. Our aim is to attract, develop, promote or retain the best people, offering them equal opportunity to succeed.

Profit: This is the ultimate measure of how efficient we are at meeting the needs of our customers. Profit is vital to all our partners: our customers to support investment, innovation and growth, our people to reward their contribution to the company success, our shareholders to reward their confidence,
risk-taking and investment in modern CNC machinery.



Autonomy and Entrepreneurial spirit: A principle which champions innovation, decentralization, the delegation of power and 
action to the level where they are needed, and a no-blame culture.

Continuous Improvement: Since the beginnings of our Industry, we have continued to improve so as to meet market and customer expectations. At COIDAN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS, we believe this is a never ending process, and we expect everyone, at all levels, to have not only a business as usual approach, but also a proactive attitude to anticipate customers’ expectations.

Excellence: There are two ways of doing things: repeating actions and progressively losing the meaning why we do them, or continuously asking ourselves “Are we doing better than the others? Are we setting the standard? Can the process be improved?”

Hands On and Value Driven: Our organization is guided by a clear sense of shared values, mission and identity, relying on inspirational leadership rather than bureaucratic control. At COIDAN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS, we are results orientated and everybody is committed to avoiding non-value added activities.

Long Term Vision: In any thing we do, we do not simply want to solve the problem of the day but to try and build the right foundations for the future. Sometimes, it requires faith and courage to adopt positions which might be seen as contradictory with short term interests.

Integrity: Relationships with our internal and external environment are based upon honesty and frankness; compromise is not encouraged at COIDAN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS. As a result, we are seen as socially responsible and fully compliant with all regulations.

Right First Time: This is a very basic principle to avoid creating waste. Elimination of waste is a basis of our performance.

By moving together towards Excellence, we will build our future, setting COIDAN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS as the benchmark for the market!


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