Second Hand and Refurbished Furnaces

Refurbishment of Vacuum Furnaces

Coidan Graphite Products have over the years supplied spare hot zone parts for the majority of makes of vacuum furnaces, as a consequence we have considerable experience in the selection and design of replacement parts.

Equally we have years of knowledge of failure modes of these designs and when rebuilding we can redesign the assembly to improve the reliability of the equipment.

Old control equipment can be replaced with more reliable modern controllers (which allow much greater iteration of the inputs into useable data) this can bring an old furnace up to scratch as far as data collation for NADCAP standards along with the demands of the Aerospace and Electronics sectors.

From our base in the heart of the North Yorkshire in the U.K., Coidan Graphite Products are able to offer the services of a experienced team of engineers (available within short notice).

This experience and stocks has enabled Coidan Graphite Products to offer everything from breakdown service support, to the supply of one or two critical spares leading to minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Used Sinter HIP furnaceThe products and services offered by Coidan Graphite Products include:

  • Refurbishment, Redesign, Overhaul and Repair of any make of Vacuum Furnace or Hot Zone
  • New and Reconditioned Vacuum Furnaces
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment and Brazing Furnaces
  • Vacuum Melting and Casting Furnaces
  • High Temperature Furnaces and Special Systems
  • Vacuum Carburisers

Used Furnaces 

In addition to overhauling furnaces we also offer refurbished used furnaces from stock furnaces held at our works – these can be built to whatever specification you desire – NADCAP constraints often being the main desire. A refurbished furnace can be installed and on site way in advance of a new furnace – equally we could replace an existing furnace with a refurbished furnace giving minimal downtime and reduced cost when compared to purchasing a new furnace.

In essence we can supply your furnace needs to match the budget available – used and sold as is ( you to use your own team of engineers to bring the furnace on line) to furnaces used and refurbished to your specifications and installed and commissioned on site.

There are many times when a suitable used furnace cannot be located in the time period required – here we would suggest you contact us to quote for a new Seco Warwick vacuum furnace – you will often be surprised at how competitive new equipment is these days. 

Please contact our sales team on 01423 330492 to discuss your specific requirements.

Refurbished Stock List

Please click on the links below to view further information on our currently available Refurbished Vacuum Furnaces

 CVE Refurbished Furnace

Refurbished CVE Vacuum Furnace

CVE 1300 Deg.C Vertical Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Click HERE to download PDF

 Ipsen Refurbished Furnace

Refurbished Ipsen Abar Furnace

Ipsen Abar HR-%0X48 Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Click HERE to Download PDF

 Somet Refurbished Furnace

Refurbished Somet Vacuum Furnace

Somet 1250 Deg.C Vertical Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Click HERE to Download PDF

 Somet Refurbished Furnace

Refurbished Somet Vacuum Furnace

Somet 1250 Deg.C Horizontal Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Click HERE to Download PDF 

 Torvac Refurbished Furnace

Refurbished Torvac Vacuum Furnace

1300 Deg. C Vertical Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Click HERE to Download PDF




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