Graphite Hot Zone ReBuilds

Coidan Graphite Products can rebuild your graphite furnace hot zone quickly and at competitive rates using our extensive stocks of graphite insulation and state of the art machine shop to remanufacture the graphite elements, hearth beams , connectors etc within a hot zone. In addition we can design out the regular modes of failure for the traditional graphite vacuum furnaces - our years of experience in manufacturing spares and repairs for vacuum furnace users gives us unrivalled insights into the failure modes for all makes of vacuum furnaces - with this insight we can redesign regularly failing parts to eliminate the failure mode giving the customer longer reliable vacuum furnace lifetimes. Coidan Graphite Products also are regularly asked to convert a hot zone from one with Molybdenum heating elements to one with Graphite heating elements - or to change the insulation from ceramic wool and steel to graphite rigid boards foil faced - this is the type of work we can carry out in our spacious factory ensuring minimum down time on site.

Furnace Interior

Furnace Interior




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