Heat Exchangers for the Chemical Industry

Chemical Process Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Solid Titanium Tube Bundles
Solid Titanium Tube Bundles
66" Diameter and 240" Long.

TITAN Metal Fabricators designs and fabricates highly corrosion resistant equipment for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our expertise lies in our reputation and proven ability to design and fabricate cost effective heat exchangers using the reactive metals tantalum, zirconium, niobium, titanium and the high nickel alloys such as Hastelloy process equipment.

Tantalum process equipment, zirconium process equipment and titanium process equipment made from these metals can be used with extremely corrosive fluids and last for decades if designed and fabricated correctly. 

Hastelloy Heat Exchanger
Hastelloy C-276 Heat Exchanger
66" O.D.
Our chemical process equipment product line encompasses:


  • Columns
  • Reactors
  • Evaporators
  • Pipework

And Heat Exchangers

Our heat exchanger product line includes many variations of the shell and tube family and all TEMA designs as follows:

  • Fixed Tubesheet
  • Titanium Shell and Tube Heat ExchangerU-bundle
  • Packed Heat, Floating Tubesheet
  • Kettle Reboilers
  • Falling Film Evaporators
  • Falling Film Absorbers
  • Bayonet
  • Helical Coil
  • Immersion Coil
  • Double Pipe

Our Normal designs and capacities:

Diameter 8 feet
Length 50 feet
Weight 50 tons
Pressure 2000 PSI
Temperature 700°F

Titanium Heat Exchanger with solid heads
Titanium Heat Exchanger with Solid Titanium Heads.
42" O.D. x 24' Length
Design codes and standards:
  • TEMA
  • ASME
  • National Board
  • PED
  • JIS
  • Chinese S.Q.L.

Bayonet Tantalum Heat ExchangerThe reactive metals have unique properties which affect heat exchanger design. Our Project Management staff analyzes all of these issues on every project. We have experience in all of these critical areas:

  • Material Selection
  • Corrosion Allowance
  • Thin Wall Tubing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Tube Expansion
  • Hastelloy Clad TubesheetHydrogen Embrittlement Protection
  • Nozzle Design
  • Explosion Clad Design
  • Loose Lined vs. Clad Tubesheets
  • Expansion Joint Selection
  • NDT Procedures
  • Helium Mass Spectrometer Procedures
  • Welding and Purge Procedures
  • Heat Treat Requirements

Titanium Reboiler with a Titanium PipeTITAN Metal Fabricators’ dedication to only the reactive metals has led us to become experts in heat exchanger applications for the following chemical and pharmaceutical processes:

  • Acetic Acid
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Bromine
  • Chlorine
  • Formic Acid
  • Titanium Shell and Tube Heat ExchangerHydrochloric Acid
  • Multi-Purpose Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Polycarbonate Production
  • Nitric Acid Silicone Production
  • Sulfuric Acid Concentration
  • Purified Terephthalic Acid
  • Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Reactive Metal WeldingWe work exclusively with the reactive metals and we do it every day. We have the experience and the proven ability to weld these metals correctly. This is your greatest assurance of quality when using these metals in your equipment. In addition to our own stringent procedures and inspection process, we use AWS, ASTM, ASME, PED and TEMA standards to meet or exceed our customers’ highest expectations.



Project Management

Design & Project ManagementThe key to the success of your project lies within our Project Management system. From initial proposal through design, fabrication and start-up, our project management system gives the responsibility to one person. The system fosters an intimate knowledge of each project’s design, quality and delivery requirements, ensuring that it meets the expectations of each individual customer. Our in-house staff includes Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical engineers with a combined emphasis on corrosion resistance. We are fully integrated with in-house thermal and mechanical design state-of-the-art software.


Titan Metal Fabricators Inc


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