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Graphite Shell and tube heat exchangers, modular blocks and Cubic block heat exchangers are all competitively priced from Coidan Graphite Products. David Coidan has spent 25 years being involved in the design and manufacture of graphite heat exchangers and he will be pleased to be of assistance. We at Coidan Graphite work in partnership with Wilk Graphite to provide cost effective graphite heat exchangers and spares within the UK.

Coidan Graphite – Corrosion Resistant Equipment for the CPI

Machined Graphite BlocksCoidan Graphite stands for first class graphite equipment from one of the largest graphite heat exchanger producers.We provide technical service, an international network and the ability to serve our clients with high quality products. Coidan Graphite represent Wilk Graphite in the UK, a company that has been in the field of corrosion protection for many years.



Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment Technology Co. Ltd

The impregnated graphite process equipment is produced by Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment Technology Co. Ltd, who is a market leader in China for impregnated graphite parts. Graphite equipment and heat exchangers have been manufactured by Sunshine since 1995. In addition to the production of high quality equipment Sunshine has developed its own research and technical engineering department, mainly focusing on acid recovery processes and HCL synthesis units.

ISO - Certificate
Nantong Sunshine has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000 by European Bureau Veritas and is subject to routine audit.

International Standards
All products are designed and manufactured according to international standards like the European Pressure Code. The units are tested by independent authorities like the TÜV in China. The nozzle connections may follow ASME or DIN measurements.

The heat exchangers and all other units are installed in many different applications for years with excellent results. More than 5000 references are available. Please ask for a reference for your process.

Guarantees on the mechanical performance and the thermodynamic design are included and follow the European standards.

Impregnated Graphite


Machined Graphite Blocks
CARBEX BF3 – Microphotograph of grain structure 
Graphite has been established  as a well known, reliable material for the Chemical Process Industry. Using phenolic resins or PTFE dispersions as the impregnation materials, the graphite offers an excellent chemical resistance. With the high thermal conductivity and high levels of corrosion resistance. Carbex is many companies first choice for heat exchangers on corrosive applications.


Graphite made in China by Nantong Sunshine has a particle size of only 0,2 or 0,8 mm and a low surface roughness. The result is an excellent mechanical strength, thermodynamical performance and low fouling.





    Carbex® Carbex® Carbex® Carbex® Carbex® Carbex® Carbex®
Properties Unit BF1 BF2 BF3 T TT TB TS
Max. particle size mm 3 0.8 <0.2 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
density kg/cm³ 1.85-1.90 1.89-1.92  1.97-1.98  >1.9  >1.92  >1.92  >1.90
Compressive strength  Mpa  65-74  82-91  93-94  >80  >85  >80  >80
Tensile strength  Mpa  15-18  16-19  24-26  >30  >30  >30  >16
Bending strength  Mpa  29-32  33-37  40-44  >50  >50  >50  >30
Thermal conductivity  W/mk  >110  >130  >130  >55  >55  >55  >110
Lin. coeff. for thermal exp. 10-6/k bei 130°C    5.4-5.7    8.2      2.4
Allowable temperature  °C  180  200  200  200  200  200  200
Bursting strength (hydr.)  Bar        >85  >90  >80  >70
Ash content  %  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  >8.5  >9  >8  >7
*All data are related to phenolic resin impregnated material   **All pipes can be offered with fibre support (T)         

Block Heat Exchangers - Cylindrical Blocks

Cylindrical BlocksThe cylindrical block heat exchanger is based on round graphite blocks which may reach diameters of up to 1400 mm. It has pass way drillings for the product and the service medium. The size of the drilling varies according to the properties of the media from 10 to 24 mm. The hole sizes are optimised to achieve best results for each liquor. The individual blocks are sealed with PTFE gaskets against each other and the whole package is fastened by springs to compensate for thermal expansion. The sealing system works in the temperature range of the unit and has been established for many years. By innovative baffle positioning the service media can flow at the optimum velocity (to balance the thermal efficiency against allowable pressure drop.

Both sides of the heat exchanger may be corrosion resistant, with different shell materials like stainless steel, rubber lining or other materials. Block heat exchangers are used for many applications because of their safe and robust operation. The compact design offers low space requirement and the modular construction allows easy maintenance, cleaning and supports the adaption of the units for changing process conditions.

The Block heat exchanger are available in 2 different designs. The major difference of the type XYK and the type YKA is the way the service medium is distributed through the blocks.

Cylindrical Blocks DrawingBenefits

  • high mechanical strength
  • modular design
  • good resistance against impact
  • compact design, minimum space required
  • high thermal exchange rate even at
  • low mass flow rates
  • reliable operation
  • easy maintenance and cleaning


  • thermodynamic design
  • maintenance training
  • standard blocks on stock
  • customized design
  • service teams


  • evaporator
  • condenser
  • cooler
  • heater 


Columns and Column Internals

Columns and Column InternalsGraphite Column internals, support grids and liquid distributors are frequently used in packed  columns. Graphites low weight, inert nature and easy machineability allows bespoke designs for many different processes.

Columns and internals are available up 3000 mm diameter.

Columns and column internals are designed individually according to the process conditions. Many different forms and designs result from the multitude of design solutions, therefore, we can only show some options here and we ask for your individual data which will allow us to design the most cost effective solution.

Modified Rectangular Block

Support grids

Support grids are used in columns to support packing made of various materials suitable for the given process. The construction follows the maximum allowable flow rate, the required load and the size of the packing. It may either be flanged in between two column sections, or seated on a support ring.

Liquid distributor

Distributors for liquids are usually individually designed to  match the process conditions. We aim to evenly distribute the process liquid and at the same time allow the gases to contact and pass with low pressure drop. Accordingly the distributors can be a multitude of different designs.

Graphite columns

Columns made of graphite up to a diameter of 3000 mm are manufactured and designed according to individual process conditions.

Wilk Graphite Heat Exchanger assembly

Wilk Graphite Heat Exchanger assembly


Wilk Graphite

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