Our vision

Our vision has remained the same throughout the years: to build an innovative, global graphite manufacturing company that offers our customers a full range of top quality carbon and graphite-based services. Moving together towards excellence, we will aim to build our future, setting Coidan Graphite standards as the benchmark for the niche carbon and graphite market we occupy.

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Our History

Coidan Graphite was established in 2004, with an experienced management team who can deliver unbiased technical advice, a flexible attitude and bespoke design solutions to drive profits. International contacts, comprehensive knowledge of customers, suppliers and their materials lead to cost-saving solutions.

Our speciality is carbon and graphite in its many forms, solid graphite, graphite insulation, carbon fibre composites (CFC), solid carbon, impregnated carbon and graphite. Several of our team have worked with graphite for over 40 years, over that time the diverse spread of applications and industries, we have experienced gives us unrivalled knowledge – to share with our customers.

Whether you need machining for large parts, small components or a one-off bespoke item, we’re happy to work with you to meet your requirements. We are the “go to” machine shop for special and bespoke graphite components, we have a highly trained and qualified team and invest in CNC machinery to keep at the forefront of manufacturing capabilities.

We consider ourselves, a centre of excellence in the field, and would like to be the first port of call for those who require carbon or graphite products. We’re certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, and Rolls-Royce approved – so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best possible quality and service.

Quality Standards

We are ISO9001:2015 certified and an approved Tier 1 Rolls Royce Nuclear Submarine plc supplier.
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Our values

Customer first

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to help them make a difference and be successful in their own markets.


Our people are our most valuable asset. We aim to attract and retain the best possible people, and help them to succeed and grow by providing ongoing training to continually develop.


The ultimate measure of how efficient we our in meeting our partners’ needs. Profit is a two way stream, we look to the long term, reasonable profits over many years is our aim, profit is vital for the investment and growth of all our partners, customers suppliers and us..

Continuous Development

Build strong foundations and continuously improve, design out cost, train our workforce, partner with suppliers and customers, work as a team to continuously grow and improve.

coidan graphite team

Our seven guiding principles

Autonomy & entrepreneurial

We champion innovation, decentralisation, the delegation of power and action, and a no-blame culture.

Continuous improvement

Our proactive attitude to business means we’re always improving so as to meet ever-changing market and customer expectations.


We continually ask questions that help us strive for excellence, pushing boundaries and improving processes.

Hands-on & value driven

Guided by shared values, we’re results-orientated, and everyone is committed to avoiding non-value added activities

Long-term vision

We don’t just want to solve the ‘problem of the day’ - we’ll always try and build the right foundations for the future.


All of our relationships are built upon honesty and openness - that’s why we’re widely regarded as socially responsible, as well as compliant with all regulations.

Right first time

The elimination of waste is a basis of our performance, so we strive for a ‘right first time’ mentality.

How you know Coidan can deliver the best services


We continue to deliver on time and to certify conformity with the stringent requirements.


A challenging brief that incorporated graphite components in a complex product delivered into the Renewable Energy sector


Worked a Saturday morning shift and had 3 electrodes with them Monday afternoon.


Manufacture a series of interconnecting graphite components to simulate an energy generating structure


We had to design and source some new tooling for our biggest lathe, but after a week we were able to start production of a small batch of prototypes.