Coidan Graphite Reduce Carbon Footprint with New Green Scheme

One of the UK’s leading experts in graphite products has launched an environmental scheme to promote greener practices. 

The scheme, which was launched recently by Coidan Graphite, promotes a more energy-efficient production process which emits 99% fewer carbon emissions and prevents thousands of tonnes of graphite being sent to landfill sites.

The process works by recovering used or damaged electrodes and reconditioning them into green graphite electrodes. This helps companies to save on the expense of purchasing new electrodes and do their part for the environment, by recycling an item that is highly energy-intensive to manufacture. 

Coidan pledges to exchange six tonnes of used or damaged UHP graphite electrodes for one tonne of green graphite electrodes.

In addition, the trusted graphite partner will plant one tree at a local school or wildlife conservation area for every tonne of green graphite exchanged. 

David Coidan, Founder of Coidan Graphite, commented on the scheme: “We’re proud to be a zero-waste manufacturer and this scheme is an extension of our commitment to sustainable practices. For every tonne of graphite produced, 12 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted into the earth’s atmosphere which is equivalent to charging over 1.5 million smartphones! 

The Coidan green scheme is our conscious effort to significantly reduce this by recycling used and damaged electrodes. As a trusted graphite partner for over 40 years, our expert team has developed our reconditioning process so that it takes place within industry-regulated controls and checks and enhances the reliability of our product.”

To find out more about Coidan’s green scheme, visit the website: