Leading suppliers of graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes offer high levels of thermal and electrical conductivity. They are able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, the arc is circa 5000ºC, which makes graphite unique in that it is ideal for numerous high temperature processes and operations, such as electrodes in electric arc furnaces

With over 40 years in the business, our management team have access to the best electrode manufacturers in the world, so you can be sure of consistent high quality.

Our graphite electrodes are suitable for a number of applications. Primarily used for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces for steel processing, they can also be used for melting products in smelting furnaces, non-ferrous metals, precious metals recovery, ceramic products and for recycling waste.

They’re available in a range of grades, including RP, HP, SHP and UHP, and our expertise allows us to match the grade with the desired application, which minimises your costs whilst optimising your process.

We have equipped our machine shop with large capacity lathes and mills, lending flexibility to our process. Should there be a special feature or an experimental modification, we can adapt our machining programmes to meet your needs.

Electrodes doesn’t just mean arc furnace electrodes, we produce anodes and cathodes for electrolysis, spark erosion electrodes for precise machining of features, welding electrodes and gouging rods for the fettling of rough castings, the variation of products and graphite materials that cross our shop floor is amazing, not one day is the same.

rolls of recovered graphite electrodes