Repair, Recycling, Remachining of Graphite Electrodes

As one of the few companies in this sector operating within Europe, we have years of experience in the recovery and reconditioning of broken or used graphite electrodes. Our MD was running an electrode remachining facility in the 1980’s, consequently, we have a wealth of experience and contacts within the industry.

How do we recover Graphite Electrodes?

We receive a consignment of used electrodes. Using our experience and skill, assess the optimal recovery of the batch of electrodes (best diameter and length). The electrodes are then sorted into batches by ultimate finished diameter. These are turned to the chosen diameter inspected for cracks and sawn to the maximum length. We machine the sockets according to IEC239, fit the nipples and pack as required for the ultimate customer ensuring our electrodes cannot be damaged in transport.

Saving the environment

By recovering electrodes or using electrodes we have reconditioned, you save on the expense of purchasing new electrodes and help the environment by being involved in a recycling activity recovering an item that is highly energy intensive in its original manufacture.


In addition to recycling customers electrodes, we are heavily active in the purchase of broken electrodes for reconditioning and selling on as 20 tonne consignments. If you have broken electrodes that you wisjh to sell or you wish to purchase reconditioned electrodes – please contact us.

Surplus stock

We also buy and sell parcels of new/ unused electrodes that arise from time to time eg: due to a plant closure or surplus stock being disposed. Anyone who is interested in being offered such a package should indicate what they require and we will hold this information on file ready for making an offer as and when the opportunity arises. equally, if you have surplus stock, please contact us and we will be happy to help you achieve maximum returns on your disposals.

New Electrodes

In addition to the recovery of electrodes, we also sell new and unused electrodes, our forte (or USP) would be the special sizes, we can produce the non standard electrodes that the mainstream manufacturers are reluctant to supply and interupt their automated production lines with non standard product.

Bricks, Blocks, Cills, Slag-doors, Launders

In order to keep our prices competitive, the smaller pieces of electrodes are converted into Bricks, channels, cill blocks, slag-doors and launders and any other small item that is required within the hot zone. This offers our customers competitive consumable products and ensures the maximum percentage of graphite is recovered.


The offcuts deemed unfit for recovery are crushed and screened and sold as recarburiser, basically everything is recycled in one form or another.


This whole process takes place within the controls and checks as laid out in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System and significantly enhances the reliability of our product, The sudden rise in the price of graphite has led to the formation of many companies without the background knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. Are you happy chancing such a valuable commodity being machined by companies who may not know what they are doing?

rolls of recovered graphite electrodes