Bespoke vacuum furnace parts suppliers

Coidan Graphite Products provide the full range of services a vacuum furnace user expects. Our machine shop is ready to supply graphite spare parts on a fast turnaround to keep your vacuum furnace operational,  we have large stocks of graphite including foil faced graphite insulation boards enabling us to minimise your furnace downtime. With over 20 years in the industry, our experienced team of engineers will be familiar with all the parts you may need.

An advantage using Coidan Graphite Products over standard furnace service companies is immediate access to our stocks and machine shop – we have many customers who use us for the speed of service – your furnace will not be kept offline waiting for an essential but low value component to be manufactured – we appreciate that a vacuum furnace is not earning unless it is heat treating.


Furnace and Hot Zone spares

We manufacture and supply all the graphite internals within the hot zone – elements, connectors, PLI’s, furnace bases, and furnace furniture. Also stocked is the graphite and carbon insulation, carbon fibre composites, graphite foils, Molybdenum hangers and ceramic insulators to enable you to maintain the furnace yourself.

Coidan Graphite is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the supply of vacuum furnace hot zone consumable parts.

Furnace consumables

The core of our business is the supply of consumable graphite parts, discs, end plugs, crucibles and trays. We have a machine shop equipped with CNC mills and lathes all operating at optimal speed to produce low cost consumable parts.


Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC)

Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) also described as Carbon Carbon Composite (CCC) is a light weight structural element within a furnace hot zone to either protect the insulation or to provide strength and rigidity with a low thermal mass. Equally the CFC can be used as heating elements giving long spans with low mass. We can essentially supply whatever you would like us to design – CFC angles, CFC channels, Carbon fibre hearth beams, carbon fibre furnace bases, vacuum furnace protection plates, vacuum furnace heating elements. Carbon fibre studding, nuts and washers.

Very popular items are the CFC Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) frames – these replace the nickel alloy TUS frames which distort and become unusable in a short time. Bespoke or modular jigs and fixtures are also popular being lightweight your energy is being spent heating (and cooling) components rather than supports and fixtures.


graphite block