We can help with all makes of furnace

Whether you need spare parts, or a full refurbishment of your vacuum furnace, we can help.

Our expert team have extensive knowledge of most makes of vacuum furnaces with graphite internals. We have considerable experience in the selection and design of replacement parts. As a consequence, we have a good understanding of the kinds of faults these models experience. With your approval, we can factor this in during a rebuild to improve the furnace reliability.

A full range of services

Whatever your requirements, we provide a range of furnace services, including:

  • Refurbishment and redesign
  • Hot Zone rebuild
  • Overhaul
  • Repair

We can replace old control equipment with more modern electronics and controllers, allowing for much greater iteration of the inputs into useable data. This helps you to meet AMS 2750 NADCAP standards, and gives you a log of the processes your parts have been through and removes the need to file paper charts.

Graphite hot zone rebuild

We can rebuild your graphite furnace hot zone quickly and at a competitive rate. With our extensive stocks of graphite insulations, plus our well equipped machine shop, we’ll redesign regularly failing parts to enhance the lifetime and running time of the furnace.

We can also convert hot zones with molybdenum heating elements to ones with graphite heating elements. All this work is carried out in our factory, to ensure minimal downtime on your site.

graphite block