Used vacuum furnace suppliers

In addition to the comprehensive range of brand new vacuum furnaces supplied by Seco Warwick, we also offer used furnaces that have been completely refurbished.


A recent driver for changing furnaces is to bring an old furnace up to scratch as regards meeting the NADCAP controls and constraints, it is often simpler to consider installing a second hand furnace that has already been converted than change the existing furnace in situ. The furnace can be built with your specification in mind, well within NADCAP constraints, and there can be minimal downtime on change over replacing the old furnace with a refurbished furnace.

Minimal downtime

We can get a refurbished furnace installed and on site in no time, often far in advance of a new furnace. We can even replace an existing furnace with a refurbished one, meaning minimal downtime and reduced costs compared to buying brand new.

A furnace to meet your budget

We’re happy to work with you to supply a furnace that’s within your budget. Whether you’re after one that’s used and sold as is (for your own engineers to bring online) or are looking for something that fits your specification, we’re confident we can find the one that’s right for you.

If a suitable furnace can’t be sourced in the time period you need, you might want to consider a new furnace – they can be more affordable than you think! Just get in touch with us for a quote.

Our refurbished stock list

We always have a number of refurbished vacuum furnaces in stock which can be available to purchase. To see a full list of the ones that are currently available, download the PDF.

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