A brief summary of the vast variety of applications for carbon and graphite.



Arc furnace electrodes, electrolysis, spark erosion/ EDM, Gouging rods, anodes and cathodes


Run out tables, extrusion guides and canisters, stirring rods, rotors and impellors, centrifugal pumps

Solar, PV, Semiconductor and Optical Fibre

Plasma etching electrodes, crucibless and moulds, epitaxy susceptors, ion implantation, liners and crucibles for electron beam welding.

Felts and insulation in boards and cylinders, induction susceptors and guides

Coating carriers, slicing beams

Glass and Fibreglass

Take out tongs in graphite and CFC, pushers, pullers, hermetic seals, rollers for stretching fibreglass


Complex reactor parts, test samples, melting crucibles, stirrers


Calibration targets


Diamond tool manufacture, Diamond synthesis, Sintering Moulds

Continuous casting

Continuous casting dies for many non ferrous metals and alloys


Carbon and graphite brushes for diverse applications from household white goods and automotive to heavy industry

Iron and steel

Arc furnace electrodes, sill blocks, launders and chutes


Diverse applications wherever there is heat, hot metals, corrosion or other extreme conditions lend to the use of graphite


Crucibles, moulds, vacuum furnace interiors, chokes, rocket nozzles

Aerospace and Aeronautics

Heat treatment vacuum furnace parts, bearings, seals, vanes, jigs and fixturing using graphite and CFC