Graphite for aerospace applications

Our materials have been used in a range of aerospace applications. In particular, we work closely with major aerospace companies to supply them with specialist advice and the highest quality graphite and carbon parts.

Without graphite aeroplanes could not be built in these modern times from the Aluminiun skin and components, Titanium frame and structural components, engine seals, bearings, turbine blades. Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment, vacuum casting, electron beam welding, coating, annealing, surface hardening, purity and consistancy of parts, all require equipment with graphite parts and components.

Why is graphite used?

As it’s an industry where there’s little room for error, it’s essential that the materials used are able to withstand extreme environments. Luckily, graphite meets such requirements:

  • It can withstand temperatures of over 3000°C.
  • It’s very stable, allowing it to retain its strength, even at these high temperatures.
  • Graphite is a chemically inert material, so it won’t undergo any type of reaction when it comes into contact with other chemicals.
  • Graphite components can be long-lasting, and can be reused many times.

Other applications

It’s not just the aerospace industry we work with. We supply carbon and graphite for a range of other applications, including military defence, manufacturing and steelworks.

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