• Repairs and Refurb (vacuum furnace)
    Furnace Repairs and Refurbishment

With over twenty years supplying vacuum furnace users with their needs, David Coidan has endeavoured to ensure Carbon Graphite Products mission is to provide the quality of service users of all makes of vacuum furnace expect in this modern climate. From our base in the heart of the North Yorkshire in the U.K., Coidan Graphite Products are able to offer the services of an experienced team of vacuum furnace engineers (available on short notice). This enables Coidan Graphite Products to offer everything from breakdown service support, furnace refurbishment, a new hot zone or the supply of one or two critical furnace spares leading to minimal loss of output and increased productivity.



The products and services offered by Coidan Graphite Products include:
  • Refurbishment, Redesign, Overhaul and Repair of any make of Vacuum Furnace or Hot Zone
  • New and Reconditioned Vacuum Furnaces
  • Used Cacuum Furnaces 
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment and Brazing Furnaces
  • Vacuum Melting and Casting Furnaces
  • High Temperature Furnaces and Special Systems

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