Specialist graphite machinists

We offer a full range of extruded and isostatic graphite machined parts to be used in various industries and applications.

Industrial applications

Our graphite parts are used in many different industries, including: aluminium, electrochemical and nuclear, laboratory and medical technology, and glass and ceramics. some of which are listed below

Aluminium industry

Graphite is used due to it’s heat resistance, chemical resistant and non wettable properties when in contact with molten Aluminium.

Typical uses could be

  • Graphite shafts and graphite impellers are used in fixed and rotary purification and flux feeding systems for aluminium degassing and casting
  • Graphite plates and run-out table strips for aluminium extrusion presses
  • Casting rings for hot top casting or for gas slip systems
  • Graphite fluxing tubes.

Furnaces and high temperature applications

Graphite is used in all makes of vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment and processing of metallic and ceramic products, we can supply a range of

  • heating elements,
  • connectors,
  • furnace hearths and bases,
  • jigs and fixtures
  • susceptors

and – in fact we can supply the complete hot zone or a nut and bolt and a washer if that is all that is required. We often machine parts on a fast turnaround basis to alleviate breakdown situations.

Chemical Applications

Graphite’s chemical resistance and high temperature stability lends itself to use in these corrosive applications such as

  • vessel linings,
  • bricks, blocks, tiles,
  • heat exchangers,
  • columns,
  • seals, wear plates and bearings

and many other areas.


We manufacture chokes and rocket nozzles in graphite and carbon fibre composites.


Graphite is used in many applications handling hot glass components

  • Container glass – take out tongs, dead plates, mould protectors, stacker bars
  • Flat Glass – furnace bases and side plates, tin pumps and insulation
  • Sculptural glass – mould and manipulation tongs
  • Fibre Glass – Graphite rollers for stretching the glass fibre
  • Optical fibre – susceptors and insulators for the stretcher furnaces


We manufacture graphite chills, launders, run outs, extrusion guides, bearings, seals, crucibles, heaters, boats, hot pressing dies, continuous casting dies, R&D test coupons, sample moulds, evaporator dishes and many more.


We manufacture graphite sintering moulds and dies, HIP moulds, bars , blocks and dies and supply raw blocks, cylinders and plates of graphite for customers to manufacture their own parts.

Continuous Casting

We supply a range of con-cast dies from flat die sections to round billet dies for a variety of materials and applications – please contact us with your con-cast needs

Blocks and plates

In addition to the manufacture of fully machined parts we supply graphite as blocks, plates, rods, rounds, tubes in as manufactured finish, as sawn finish, milled finish or ground finish – in all grades of carbon and graphite, be that large grain electrode material, medium grain extruded graphite, fine grain isostatic graphite or ultra fine grained graphites for spark erosion finishing operations.

We supply a range of graphite grades in block form. Raw material sizes start from 50mm x 50mm cross section, to blocks as large as 850mm x 500mm x 1850mm. Larger blocks can be supplied on request.

Graphite blocks are available as fine, medium and coarse grained graphites:

Mechanical applications

We supply graphite components to the automotive and household appliance industries, as well as to mechanical engineering companies. Our customers include manufacturers of compressors, vacuums and other pumps, sealing systems and sliding elements.

Electronic applications

We make a number of high purity graphite components for electronic applications, including crucibles and molds for solar silicon, electrodes for plasma etching, products for optical fibre technology and more.


graphite being drilled