Graphite for manufacturing

Graphite plays an essential role in manufacturing, and we’ve been proud to supply high quality graphite parts and electrodes to this sector for many years.

From electrical discharge machining (EDM) to heating elements for industrial and furnace insulation, our products are used in virtually every industry in one way or another.

The unique properties of graphite are strengths for different fields

High Electrical Conductivity – heating elements, arc furnace electrodes, spark erosion, electrolysis, brushes etc

High Temperature Tolerance – contact with hot metals, bearings, seals, hermetic seal manufacture, semiconductor production, glass handling, moulds, crucibles, liners  etc

Lubricity – bearings, seals, extrusion guides, continuous casting dies, diamond tools, sliders etc

Stable – corrosion resistance eg: heat exchangers, sensors

– oxidation resistance eg: rocket nozzles, hot zones of furnaces, semi conductor manufacture, rotors and impellors

– mechanical eg: hot zone parts in sintering moulds, jigs and fixtures

High Thermal Conductivity – Continuous casting dies, heat exchangers, diamond moulds HIP process etc

Inductive – susceptors for induction furnaces

Low density – seals and sliders within aerospace parts

Porosity – continuous casting dies, gas diffusion in Aluminium, metal impregnation for bearings and brushes

Non Stick – moulds and dies, any application where molten metal is not to stick eg: cill blocks, stirrers, rotors, dry lubrication

High Compressive Strength – HIP moulds, supports, furnace bases, glass moulds

Other applications

We don’t just work in manufacturing. Our graphite is used for applications in a number of different industries, including aerospace, military defence and steel works.

machining large graphite block