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Furnance Details

Type: Application:
No of Furnances:
Shell Diameter: mm Pitch Circle Dia: mm
Water Cooled Panel: Water Cooled Roof: Electrode Cooling:
Oxy. Fuel Burner: Nominal Capacity: Average Charge:

Transformer Details:

Capacity: KVA KVA per Ton: Rated Current: KA per Phase
No. of Secondary Voltage Taps: Working Voltage:  
Max Operating Current: KA Max Surge Current: KA  

Operating Conditions

No. of Heats: per day Avg Tap to Tap Time: Hrs MT  
Avg. Power Consumption: KW/hr Steel Produced:  
Scrap Composition: DRI:
Avg Electrode Consumption: Kg/Ton (Liquid Metal)

Electrode Details

Diameter: mm Length: mm Threads Per Inch:

Connecting Pins

Diameter: mm Length: mm Pitch Plugs:
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